Drafting Contracts

We provide the contract you want to create, modify, convert and analyze.

Drafting Legal Documents

We will prepare legal documents, adapt them to your needs and you will be able to realize your rights with the documents prepared by us.

Defend at Court

Receive our court representation services where we will fight and fully defend your legal interests.

Legal Consultation

Our experienced lawyers are ready to provide you with complete information and qualified legal analysis on issues of interest to you.

Legal Assistance

You can get legal help from us, which means both long-term cooperation and one-time legal aid.

Legal Analysis

We can provide you with a complete legal assessment and conclusion on the problematic issue and offer you the optimal solution.

Licensing & Permit Issues

This service includes consulting on obtaining licenses and permits, as well as representation and participation of our lawyers in this process.

Registration Issues

You can use the property, business and rights registration services.

Coordination with Public Structures

Our lawyers ensure your representation in government agencies, public services, and banking and non-banking institutions.

Individual Legal Services

Individual legal services include services tailored to the client's interests and needs.

Corporate Legal Services

With corporate legal services, you can get both one-time legal aid as well as outsourced legal services.

Other Issues

Our lawyers can provide you with full legal services. You will be able to contact us according to the contact details.